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Upcoming Audiobook Release!

Received a surprise email message from my publisher today:

Congratulations! We wanted to let you know Glass Souls is undergoing final audio review and is expected to be released in the next 2 to 3 weeks. It will then be available on iTunes and Amazon for sale.

Happy dance! Happy dance! Happy dance!

No idea who is narrating, since I wasn’t involved in any of the audiobook’s production, but I’m absolutely thrilled! I can’t wait to get my author’s copy!

If I might indulge in a bit of shameless self-promotion, one newspaper reviewer wrote at the time of Glass Souls‘ initial publication:

In this epic first book of the House of the Rose, [Michaela] August is as confident in imagination and detail as Laurell K. Hamilton, and as emotionally rich as Marion Zimmer Bradley. Glass Souls deserves a wide readership. It’s a romantic fantasy novel of distinction — well-told, meticulously researched, and emotionally satisfying.” – Lynn Coddington, Contra Costa County Times

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