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House Of The Rose Photo Tours

Ancient Mesopotamia

A tour of some of the most famous Sumerian artifacts located in various museums around the world, including the remains of the Temple of Inanna from E-anna, the splendid tiled facade of the Ishtar Gate from ancient Bablyon, and depictions of the Apkallu, those mysterious winged beings.

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In the Footsteps of the Crusaders

A tour of some of the Crusader-related sites mentioned in the House of the Rose novels, including Templar sites in England, the stronghold of the Knights of St. John on Rhodes, and the medieval seaport of Aigues Mortes, launching pad for King Louis’s crusades of 1248 and 1270:

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Medieval European Houses

One of the things that fascinates me about writing historical fiction is discovering how ordinary people lived. It’s one thing to visit castles and cathedrals; another to see the home of an ordinary family that’s survived the centuries.

The House of the Rose novels take place in many different countries in the 13th century, and the Houses of the Rose in each country are built to conform to that land’s norms. It was a lot of fun to research our various locales in the course of writing the five novels that comprise the series, from England to Constantinople (modern Istanbul)…to that end, I’d like to share some of the photos I took on various trips between 2000-2012.

The medieval homes in this slideshow range from a 12th-century Moorish courtyard house in Southern Spain (itself built on top of a Roman villa, whose mosaic floor can still be seen in the house’s cellar), to a 13th-century Great Hall home in England, complete with a open hearth-pit in the center of the hall, and finally, a selection of late-medieval/early Tudor houses from the English towns of Norwich, Salisbury, and Lavenham.

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