House of the Rose

Book One: Glass Souls

Glass Souls book cover

Glass Souls: House of the Rose, Book 1

[illum]A besieged city, an emergency evacuation from the threat of anti-heretic Crusaders–it’s an ordinary day in the life of the vampire Protectors of the House of the Rose. Except, this time, everything goes horribly wrong…EPPIE Finalist[/illum]

One Protector, wounded and broken in spirit in the ensuing massacre, spends decades searching desperately for the reincarnations of his loved ones. But his Seer’s Eyes have been blinded, so he cannot recognize their auras. He meets a Crusader in Egypt who might be his reincarnated wife. To be certain, he must taste the young knight’s blood to read his past-life memories.

However, this act uncovers a deadly secret that rocks the foundations of his world…


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“Anne Rice meets Marion Zimmer Bradley…meticulously researched and wildly imaginative…completely engrossing.” – Lucy Blue, author of My Demon’s Kiss

“…fabulous…a richly-told story” – Serena Polheber, Fallen Angel Reviews

“I highly recommend Glass Souls to those who enjoy tales of vampires and the times of the Crusaders.” – Robin Thomas, Reviews

“…as confident in imagination and detail as Laurell K. Hamilton, and as emotionally rich as Marion Zimmer Bradley…a romantic fantasy novel of distinction…” Contra Costa Sunday Times

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Book Two: House of Memory

House of Memory: House of the Rose, Book II

The thrilling sequel to Glass Souls!

[illum]As events threaten to spin out of her control, Lady Cecilia uses her powers to conceal the secret that Dominic has discovered in his desperate quest to restore his beloved Michel to the immortal existence of the vampire Protectors. She deliberately alters their memories, hoping to tame them and keep her position as the eldest and most powerful vampire.[/illum]

Her actions, combined with Dominic’s recklessness in abducting Michel and forcibly Transforming him into a vampire Protector, poison Dominic’s chances for reconciling with the one who has been his soulmate and spouse in nearly every lifetime. And the people of the House of Rose, uncomfortably aware of Dominic’s often bloody recent history, begin to question whether he is fit to continue serving them as Protector.

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