[illum]I am a Northern California-based author of award-winning historical fantasy and historical romance novels, with the occasional venture into straight science fiction.[/illum][illumC]

[illum]Please follow me on Twitter– I’m @KarinWelss, and check out my blog page! It’s updated frequently, with slideshows and various interesting tidbits relating to my travels, my novels, and their historical milieu. [/illum][illumC]

[illum]Some more photos and thoughts from my recent archaeological tour of Sicily and southern Italy, and why ancient Herculaneum is my favorite Roman site…plus a new photo-tour! This is in addition to a new photo-tour of Pompeii posted last week.  [/illum][illumC]

[illum]Exciting news about the release of the Glass Souls audiobook, now available at Audible.com and on iTunes! As an avid listener of audiobooks during my long daily commute to and from the Day Job, I listen to a lot of audiobooks, so this is a format near and dear to my heart.[/illum][illumC]

[illum]Previous blog entries highlight a recent news story about a Crusader hospital uncovered in Jerusalem, plus I review Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber. I also take you on a photo-tour  In the Footsteps of the Crusaders, featuring historical sites associated with the Knights Templar, the Hospitallers, and crusading knights, like William Longspee and King Louis IX of France, aka St. Louis! You can also visit the Roman Empire, with a photo tour Roman public buildings–chariot-racing stadiums, public baths, shopping districts, and public latrines–featuring some of my photos taken during a decade of visiting Roman sites in England, Europe, and Turkey! [/illum][illumC]

[illum]The first three chapters of each of my novels are available on the Novels page. The House of the Rose novels are historical fantasies, vampire novels that take place during the Crusades of the 13th century. Sweeter Than Wine and Twist of Honor are  historical romances. Sweeter Than Wine is set in the Sonoma Valley on the eve of Prohibition and Twist of Honor takes place in England, at the dissolute, decadent 17th-century court of Charles II.[/illum][illumC]

[illum]I have free audio excerpts on the Novels > Free Downloads page, featuring two chapters  from Karin’s solo historical romance novel, Twist of Honor,, which chronicles the romance between Antonia, the young, wealthy, and widowed Countess of Cranbourne, and Kit Fitzgeorge, mercenary soldier, devoted father…and the countess’s would-be abductor.[/illum]


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